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Paul Craig Robert's "Saving the Rich, Losing the Economy"

From Counterpunch, by Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. Economic policy failed for three reasons:  (1) policymakers focused on enabling offshoring corporations to move middle class jobs, and the consumer demand, tax base, GDP, and careers associated with the jobs, to […]

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Quickie from Democracy Now

The bipartisan Commission on Wartime Contracting concludes that between $31 billion and $60 billion spent on projects in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 10 years has been lost to waste and fraud. A new investigative report from the Center for Public Integrity says no-bid spending has ballooned from $50 billion in 2003 to $140 […]

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Quickie: Occupy Wall Street Day 9 – 200+ Arrested – MSM Finally Wake-up

Occupy Wall Street: Day 9 – 200+ Arrested – MSM Finally Wake-up Yesterday between 121 and 200 protesters were arrested when a peaceful march of approximately 2,000 headed to Union Square to spread the word about their occupation for emancipation from a corrupt economic and financial system. The events made news in many national MSM […]

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A Cautionary Tale from New Orleans (pronounce Nawlins, please)

I got email from DOJ – civil rights division that two NO police officers were sentenced in the killing of Raymond Robair: Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, September 15, 2011 Two Former New Orleans Police Officers Sentenced in Connection with the Death of Raymond Robair WASHINGTON – Two former […]

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An open letter to Senator Patty Murray, members of Congress, and the Super Committee

The budget deficit The wrong steps taken by the Bush and Obama administrations and enabled by Congress following 9/11 by as yet unproven individuals has compromised America’s economy and actually weakened its security. The minions in government displayed incredible incompetence and downright dishonesty in the government’s response. Bush, Obama and Congress also took this nation […]