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The Nation article on the Pentagon’s massive fraud and waste

See The Nation article Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed: How US military spending keeps rising even as the Pentagon flunks its audit. or download and listen to this audio Inside the Pentagon: First-Ever Audit Exposes Massive Accounting Fraud. For exampe: [T]here were no ledger entries or receipts to back up how that $6.5 […]

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Fake Dem Wendy Weiker getting help from Phillips 66, Master Builders, charter school proponents, and other corporate entities

Residents of the 41st LD are getting lots of fliers in their mail in support of fake Democrat Wendy Weiker.  Weiker is running for the state House against My-Linh Thai, who is the current president of the Bellevue School Board  and is the candidate endorsed by the 41st LD Dems and by most Democrats. Citizens […]

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Microsoft and Boeing convinced Gregoire to back a costly tunnel, but they avoid paying state taxes

In Road Kill: How Bertha Left the Surface-Street Option In the Dust, Ellis E. Conklin reports that “Powerful interests rallied around the tunnel and diverted then-Governor Gregoire from a less costly route.” Specifically, “The downtown business interests, the Chamber of Commerce, Boeing, the unions, they all wanted a highway, period. Nothing was going to stop […]

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Quickie, on the corporate plan to destroy public education

A quotation from The Plot Against Public Education: How millionaires and billionaires are ruining our schools: Stephanie Simon, writing for Reuters in the summer of 2012, captured the excitement of investors eager to pounce: “The investors gathered in a tony private club in Manhattan were eager to hear about the next big thing, and education […]

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A follow-up on why I became a socialist

Of the responses to my recent essay, “Why I Became a Socialist,” I received this one negative reaction.  I believe my reply to Mr. Wynman will help clarify the questions.  I believe we need a revolution, hopefully a peaceable one.  Unfortunately, those in control, when they feel threatened, will cause the violence when people get […]

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Rolling Peaceful Rebellion For Real Democracy: 3pm at Greenlake Sunday

For Immediate Release: National Contacts: Backbone Campaign, Bill Moyer, 206-356-9980, Popular Resistance, Margaret Flowers, 410-591-0892, Kevin Zeese 301-996-6582, Click on link for Local Contacts: July 3rd, 8pm (plus)- Dallas, TX July 4th, 8am – Santa Monica, CA July 4th, 11am – Arroyo Seco, NM July 4th, – Nevada City, CA July 4th, 4:30pm […]

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Dems Larsen, Kilmer, and Heck on list of GOP helpers

According to  in A List of the Republican “Democrats” Who Fight For Obama’s Secret Trade Deals, And For Wall Street, Washington State Democratic congressmen Rick Larsen, Derek Kilmer, and Denny Heck are among the “Democrats in the House who are not just Members of the NDC  — the New Democrat Coalition — and are “owned […]