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SJM 8001 and SJM 8002: Two Washington State resolutions proposing to amend the U.S. Constitution

Two Washington State resolutions call for amending the U.S. Constitution: SJM 8001 – 2019-20: Calling on Congress to exercise its authority under Article V of the United States Constitution to regulate money spent on elections. (Sponsors: Hasegawa, Frockt) SJM 8002 – 2019-20: Asking Congress to call a limited convention, authorized under Article V of the […]

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"Supreme" Court and US "representative democracy" are in a deep crisis of legitimacy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is time to arm and train the nonviolent warriors of our time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Bill Moyer’s 10-10-13 statement regarding “Political Calculus” and the crisis of legitimacy for our government. This was delivered on the US Court House in Seattle, WA on the day the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on McCutcheon VS […]

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BACKGROUND: US now has 'parallel Supreme Court' making secret law

Is any kind of meaningful democracy possible in a régime of secret law? — This is the question raised by the lead article in Sunday’s *New York Times*, which said that the FISA court “has quietly become almost a parallel Supreme Court, serving as the ultimate arbiter on surveillance issues and delivering opinions that will […]

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Should taxpayer funds be used to help rebuild houses of worhsip destroyed in disasters?

Americans United for Separation of Church and State reports that the House of Representatives voted to allow taxpayer funds to be used for rebuilding houses of worship destroyed by floods and other disasters.  Here’s how Washington State reps voted: Legislative Alerts and Updates • Current Legislation • Key Votes • Capitol Hill Basics To amend […]

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'Declaration For Democracy' Campaign to Overturn Citizens United

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Bill Moyer, Executive Director, Backbone Campaign 206-356-9980, February 7, 2013 The Backbone Campaign and Allies Applaud Re-Launch of ‘Declaration For Democracy’ Campaign to Overturn Citizens United 2,000 Public Officials Have Already Expressed Support for Constitutional Amendment WASHINGTON – This week The Backbone Campaign and ally organizations applauded the re-launch of […]

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Overturn Citizens United: Get corporate money out of politics

Click here to sign a petition ask the WA State legislature to help overturn the Supreme Court Citizens United equating money with speech and treating corporations as persons. Get the Washington State Legislature to pass a resolution during the 2013 session calling on the U.S. Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that in effect reverses […]

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Grand Jury Resisters Need Your Support

Friends are in jail. We don’t know how long they will be there. We don’t what criminal activity is being investigated that leads to these folks being jailed for refusing to answer Grand Jury questions. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. First they came for the anarchists…. Jump in, you can help. We […]

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Marriage equality and voting rights for corporations, please!

 I look forward to the day when corporations are free to marry whomever they want – even including other corporations (or would that simply be a corporate merger?). When will we learn to accept corporations as people just like the rest of us? We should all be outraged that King County Elections has deprived a […]