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Why I Don't Trust "Isms": Chris Hedges Versus The Black Bloc

Originally published by CounterPunch – Editor Jeffery St Clair by MARK TAYLOR-CANFIELD A recent article by Chris Hedges is once again causing heated arguments among activists in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  “Black Bloc: The Cancer in Occupy,” was published in his syndicated column back in February, but folks are now talking about […]

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Tolerance for a Diversity of Tactics

I am posting to supplement discussion about tolerance for diversity of tactics secondary to discussion taking place on the listserv. Nihilo0 has a pretty good critique of Mr. Hedges’ criticism of the black bloc tactic. Keep in mind that if everything you know about the black bloc exists from your reading in mainstream media that […]

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Quotes for a Snowy Thursday Morning

Yep, it’s snowing again in Western Washington. Very pretty, just an inch or so here in Chehalis. I expect it will be gone soon, but as daylight appeared, the neighborhood was especially appealing to the eye. I collect quotes. They are useful in so many ways. Sometimes the author captures something large in very few […]

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Black Bloc 201

For folks who have not been present at non-violent demonstrations it may be helpful to understand that the original black block is the riot police who come out and assault non-violent demonstrators in a wholesale fashion. Some pretty peaceful and peace-loving folks have been assaulted by the police. Some of you may know Dorli Rainey […]

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Wag the Dog, Part II

Senator Fraser, Representative Hunt and Representative Reykdal all spoke on January 3rd about the “big achievement” of the recent Special Session that was able to cut 480 million dollars to reduce the budget deficit, about 25% of the amount that it is assumed will need to be cut. There was some sense of dread about […]

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Occupy Olympia!

We are underway in the WA State capitol city with an occupation that started back in the spring when we had a week of action to challenge the legislature to close loopholes and raise revenue instead of cutting essential services. The state has so far been unable and/or unwilling to challenge initiative-based mandates that hamstring […]

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Increased Public Facilities in Downtown Olympia? Well, maybe…

After a couple of weeks of emailing the Olympia City Council about the need for better public facility access in downtown Olympia, I went to the City Council meeting and asked them face to face to commit a staff person to taking part in meetings to explore the possibilities. I did not get a yes […]

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Vets & Soldiers Speak Out against War: Friday in Seattle

On the 10th anniversary of the Afghan invasion Vets & Soldiers Speak Out against War Friday, October 7, 7:30pm Doors open at 6:30pm Three generations of veterans and soldiers will examine the human and economic costs of the endless U.S. occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, including the rise of anti-war sentiment and suicide rates among […]