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Time to escalate the war on cars: treat driving like smoking in restaurants

Here are some links about how harmful (fossil fuel-powered) auto and truck traffic is to human health.  They also are a major contributor to green-house gas emissions and a major reason the U.S. goes to war so often. CBS News reports: Nearly half of Americans breathe dirty air, report finds Many daycare centers and schools […]

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People for Climate Action

Cities Climate Action Summit: We can do this! People for Climate Action’s “Cities Climate Action Summit: We can do this!” was held on November 17th in Kirkland. PCA is delighted that so many enthusiastic climate concerned members of our communities joined in the discussion on local climate action opportunities. We look forward to your engagement […]

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Fake news about “global cooling”

Right wing websites have been promoting fake, or at least deceptive, news about alleged global cooling. Don’t Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling Inconvenient and unreported weather fact: we just had two years of record-breaking global cooling Did You Know the Greatest Two-Year Global Cooling Event Just Took Place?. […]

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CarbonWA's initiative I-732 qualifies

This week we’ve got official confirmation that I-732 has qualified (!), a final 250 Club update, the unveiling of our new website (, and a great editorial on carbon pricing in the NY Times. I-732 qualifies! We will share the official document with you when it’s released, but for now we have (what else?) a […]

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Successful Climate Justice Activism

Look what we have accomplished together! – (see the media roundup below) Together we were: Led by the beauty and spirit of the moment, Emboldened by the drums and wise words of the Duwamish and Native Canoe families and the voices of those on the front-lines of the climate crisis, Driven by a moral obligation […]

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Carbon Taxes Are Even Better than You Think

Executive summary The Carbon Washington carbon tax proposal is revenue neutral, with about 70% of the carbon tax revenue going to reduce the state sales tax by a full percentage point and the remaining revenue divided between reductions in manufacturing taxes and funding for the Working Families Rebate, a state-level bump-up of the federal Earned […]

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WA GOP: Fund filthy roads first

For background, see Democrats Challenge Republican Two Thirds Rule, Shut Down Senate Transportation Vote The Democratic amendment, which lost on a party line vote, would have also blocked a controversial GOP amendment that takes all sales tax revenue from transportation projects out of the general fund (about $1 billion) and puts it into the transportation […]