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Koch-powered lawmakers

Many Washington State legislators were elected courtesy of the Koch Brothers. In particular, Andy Hill and Steve Litzow squeaked by in 2010 via attack ads funded by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity. The State Republican Party was later fined for violating election reporting requirements in that election.See State Republicans fined for violating reporting requirements […]

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Rolling Peaceful Rebellion For Real Democracy: 3pm at Greenlake Sunday

For Immediate Release: National Contacts: Backbone Campaign, Bill Moyer, 206-356-9980, Popular Resistance, Margaret Flowers, 410-591-0892, Kevin Zeese 301-996-6582, Click on link for Local Contacts: July 3rd, 8pm (plus)- Dallas, TX July 4th, 8am – Santa Monica, CA July 4th, 11am – Arroyo Seco, NM July 4th, – Nevada City, CA July 4th, 4:30pm […]

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Thom Hartmann: Reversing America’s Financial Crash (Seattle Town Hall, May 21, 2014)

Progressive talk radio host and prolific author Thom Hartmann outlines the structural roots of historic financial crashes and explains why the worst is yet to come.  Tying this to the decline of the middle class and record wealth disparity he makes the connection of why the current national movement for a constitutional amendment to overturn […]

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Plutocracy is comin, to the USA

New, alternative lyrics for Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy is coming, to the USA” (see videos below) Lyrics © Donald A. Smith D G D It’s coming from corruption that’s profane D A D From Grover Norquist’s government-hating brain G It’s coming from the spiel G_sus G That makes your head reel D G D when you […]

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Fact-checking a claim about Koch versus union spending

I signed a petition from Credo Action “urging PBS affiliate WGBH to remove David Koch from the Board of Trustees and Science Visiting Council because of his anti-science positions.”  After I signed the petition, it through up a fund-raising appeal from ActBlue containing the following claim: The Koch brothers spent over $400 million in 2012—more […]

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Answering doubts about MoveToAmend

Wednesday evening I went to a meeting of eastside MoveToAmend activists, in Bellevue.   Attendees discussed plans in place to collect signatures for I-1329, the initiative in support of an amendment to the US Constitution overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that treats corporations as people and money as speech. Once the Secretary of State’s […]

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Dollarocracy: John Nichols and Robert McChesney speak at Seattle Town Hall

Monday evening I went to a great Town Hall in Seattle with John Nichols and Robert McChesney.  The topic was Dollarocracy: how money has corrupted politics. Dollarocracy is their name for what’s become of America’s democracy.   Instead of one person, one vote, we now have one dollar, one vote.  Jimmy Carter was overheard saying that […]