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Charter School Moguls Scam State Out of Millions

Charter School Moguls Scam State Out of Millions In the latest incident of charter school fraud, the state of Oregon is going after a pair of charter school con men who reportedly scammed the state out of $17 million. The Oregonian is reporting that Tim King and Norm Donohoe, who ran a chain of taxpayer-funded […]

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If words have any meaning, charter schools are unconstitutional

The point of charter schools is to provide an alternative to standard public schools.  As the text of I-1024 says, public charter schools are “independently managed public schools operated only by qualified nonprofit organizations.” Furthermore, Part I, Section 101 says: Public charter schools free teachers and principals from burdensome regulations that limit other public schools, […]

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More concerns about Fuse's voters guide

I got email this morning from MoveOn, about Fuse Washington’s so-called “Progressive Voters Guide.” As reported earlier here, Fuse is non-committal on the topic of charter schools: “Most progressive organizations are opposing I-1240. Because there are progressive education advocates on both sides of this initiative, we asked each of the campaigns to present their case.”   […]

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Florida charter schools: big money, little oversight

“But while charter schools have grown into a $400-million-a-year business in South Florida, receiving about $6,000 in taxpayer dollars for every student enrolled, they continue to operate with little public oversight. Even when charter schools have been caught violating state laws, school districts have few tools to demand compliance. Charter schools have become a parallel […]