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Betsy DeVos-style amendments to education bill, and Democrats supported it!

Summer Stinson posted on the facebook page Washington Paramount Duty the following (and gave me permission): ACTION ALERT: STOP Betsy DeVos policies in WA! In the dead of night, at 1:30 in the morning, the Senate Ways and Means Committee passed the bill proposing to address the school district levy lid issue, SB 5313. But […]

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Billionaires trying to buy a Supreme Court seat

Billionaires pour money into state Supreme Court race Will campaign cash corrupt the state Supreme Court? Here’s Why You Should Care About the Tech and Finance Billionaires Trying to Influence State Judicial Races These are the same billionaires who corrupted our legislature and pressured legislators to support an unconstitutional charters school bill last session, SB […]

Charter schools Washington State Politics

Quick Link: Bill Gates backs climate denier Judge David Larson for Washington State Supreme Court position

As reported in Bill Gates backs climate denier Judge David Larson for Washington State Supreme Court position Gates is so blinded by his desire to have charter schools in our state that he doesn’t seem to be concerned with the qualifications of an individual who will potentially participate in setting policy affecting education in in […]

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Hedge fund billionaires push charter school

This article from The American Prospect traces tells the sordid story about how hedge fund billionaires bankrolled charter schools and teamed with ALEC and the Koch brothers to support union-busting policies and the candidacy of Republican governor Scott Walker. Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) was funded by hedge funders a decade ago. Hedging Education: How […]

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NAACP: charter schools don't help black kids

No New Charter Schools – NAACP Draws Line in the Sand In the education market, charter schools are often sold as a way to help black and brown children. But The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) isn’t buying it. In fact, the organization is calling for a halt on any new […]

Charter schools Washington State Politics

Quickie: How Long Can Big Money Keep Democrats In The Charter School Camp?

From For decades, the petroleum industry has stuffed the coffers of candidates in both parties to ensure legislation continues to favor oil consumption, stall alternative energy sources, and ensure lax environmental regulations. The other source of corporate cash in Democratic politics is much newer: charter schools. … …the combo of big oil and education […]

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The Divided Left revisited

The Divided Left in America is a major problem, and it’s come to fore in the discussions on social media about whether Bernie should run as an independent and about whether Bernie supporters should work within the Democratic Party. Progressive Democrats are desperately trying to reform the Democratic Party but lack numbers. As a result […]