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Carbon Pricing and Northwest Businesses

This post is 14 in the series: Cashing In Our Carbon, from SightLine Daily. Many business owners and workers worry that carbon pricing will hurt local economies. They need to know: How would carbon pricing affect businesses and job creation in Washington and Oregon? In particular, how would it affect energy-intensive businesses that compete in national […]

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Why Washington State Should Adopt a BC-style Carbon Tax

Editor’s Note: Washington’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce is on the job, weighing alternative carbon-pricing proposals. Some members of the panel have asked what our ideal policy would be for Washington State. Yoram Bauman shares his thoughts today. Alan Durning will share his argument for a California-style cap-and-trade system, with key modifications, another day. If I […]

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Carbon Tax Update

Summer and Akua and I have been working so hard on the policy side of our campaign, but we’ve been making great progress and in fact are happy to announce the following campaign deliverables that we will finish by the end of the summer: 1) We will create a carbon tax swap calculator that will […]

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 New ballot language for the Carbon Tax initiative

We just got the ballot language back from a test-run initiative we filed last month. The full text of the initiative is here, or you can track it all down from the Secretary of State’s website, but here’s the ballot language as written by the Secretary of State’s office: “Statement of subject: Initiative Measure No. […]

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Common ground with conservatives on Carbon Tax

On Tuesday I was invited to be on a King 5 News ” climate debate” with Paul Guppy of the free-market Washington Policy Center, and what stands out for me from our discussions on and off camera (video here) is how much common ground there was. In some ways this is not suprising—Paul’s colleague Todd […]

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Inslee's executive order concerning carbon

Yesterday, we got a response of sorts: Governor Inslee signed an executive order that has been described as everything from “a big leap forward” to “underwhelming”. Our view is that it falls well short of what we asked for in our open letter: instead of a detailed policy proposal there’s a “Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce” […]

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How much carbon tax is enough?

At a Climate Desk Live event two weeks ago in Seattle, host Chris Mooney asked about the BC carbon tax. (See time marker 1:26:45 in the video.) David Roberts of Grist responded that the BC carbon tax “works” in that “it is not hurting the economy” and “there are mild carbon reductions happening” but that […]

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New Draft legislation for a carbon tax; comedy-and-carbon talks

We’ve got a new draft of our carbon tax legislation! It’s still a draft (with feedback welcomed on refinery operations and biofuels in particular), but it lays out our vision, which is to use a BC-style carbon tax to pay for a reduction of the state sales tax by a full percentage point, plus B&O […]