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Feb 8 in Tacoma: Whistleblower Thomas Drake

Former NSA Senior Executive turned NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, along with former ethics advisor to the Justice Department Jesselyn Radack who is also a whistleblower, will speak in Tacoma at the Washington State History Museum. Both Drake and Radack are featured in the Robert Greenwald film, War on Whistleblowers. (More about them below) They will […]

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Chelsea Manning defense attorney to speak in Seattle Dec 11

Courage to Resist is reporting: Lead Defense Attorney for WikiLeaks Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Gives First Seattle Presentation -the fight continues! You’re invited! On Wednesday, December 11th, the attorney who represented WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) during the trial this summer will speak at University Temple United Methodist Church. This is the first public […]

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My letter to the man who now has the power to reduce Bradley's sentence

My letter to the man who now has the power to reduce Bradley’s sentence: Major General Buchanan, The persecution of Bradley Manning, who honored his duty by reporting war crimes, is a dishonor to the U.S. military and government. The abuse he has suffered in prison is a crime, prohibited both by Geneva Convention and the […]

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For and against Bradley Manning released the following powerful video in support of Bradley Manning: Somehow I received by email a message from Forward Progressives, containing an article by Alan Clifton: Like it or Not, Bradley Manning is a Traitor — Not a Hero. Despite the occurrence of the word “progressive” in the site’s name, Forward Progressives strikes me […]