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Bernie or Bust

Note: I could have shown a busty woman on the right, but that would have been crude, politically incorrect, and offensive to many people. So I showed a man’s bust.

Bernie Sanders

Nazi trolls in a Bernie Sanders area of Second Life

(For a related article see More fun and drama with Bernie Sanders in Second Life.) A Bernie supporter sent me this snippet of overheard conversation: [20:26] Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): our leaders are flesh eating iguanas [20:27] Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): my problem with bernie is [20:27] Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): he thinks the democrat party should adopt […]

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Why the Super Delegate Scam is Political Suicide for the Washington State Democratic Party

This is a message to the leaders of the Washington State Democratic Party: If you keep ignoring hundreds of thousands of independent voters, not only will we wind up with Donald Trump for President, but we will have a Republican Governor here in Washington State! Please read this article and please wake up to the […]