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Anarchism, libertarianism, and the way forward

In Are Occupiers aiding Grover Norquist? I presented a critique of anarchism, claiming that anarchist Occupiers were unwittingly aiding right-wing libertarians and ignoring the benefits of government. Dave Fryett responded to my analysis in On the Appeal of Anarchism, a Response to Don Smith’s “Are Anarchists in Occupy Aiding Grover Norquist?”.  In this article I […]

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Without government, we'd be hunter-gatherers

According to the Pulitzer Prize winning book Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond, the transition from a society based on hunter-gathering  to a modern state progressed hand-in-hand with the development of agriculture.  Government protections and laws enabled trade, storage, and distribution systems. Surpluses resulting from agriculture funded government.   Farm labor could be enlisted for […]

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Mother's Day Parade – Act Now for Women and Kid

Saturday, May 11, gather at 1:30pm, parade begins 2pm Mother’s Day Parade – Act Now for Women and Kids Stevens Place Park, Beacon Hill, Seattle (Intersection of Beacon Ave. S. and 17th Ave. S.) All-ages fun with a message! Strollers, tricycles, banners, signs and festive attire encouraged. Honor moms and highlight the need for: ·        […]