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WSDOT vs. Reality

(originally published at Sightline Daily, reprinted with permission; check out their website for other good articles) by Clark Williams-Derry I wish I were making this up. The Washington State Department of Transportation continues to insist that traffic volumes on the SR-520 bridge across lake Washington are going up up up—even though actual traffic volumes […]

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Why do progressives win in Colorado but lose in Washington State?

This month’s American Prospect has an article about the defeat of anti-tax initiatives A60, A61, and Prop 101 by more than 68% in Colorado State and about the Colorado Progressive Coalition‘s role in that campaign. The article also told of Democratic Governor Patrick’s win in Massachusetts and the defeat there of an anti-tax initiative. Here […]

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MoveOn's plan for a mass movement

Many of you probably got this email from MoveOn. It starts off well, describing the serious trouble America is in and the fact that we can’t depend on Obama or the Dems to set things right.  Calling for a mass movement akin to the civil rights movement seems correct too.    But then they ask for […]