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Can the Occupy Movement work with progressive Dems, Labor, and MoveOn?

Can the further Left (Occupiers, anarchists, and Socialists) work, in some fashion, with the nearer Left (progressive Democrats, Labor, and groups like  Can the Occupy Movement work with allies without feeling co-opted? [Note: I posted this at OpEdNews as well; see the numerous comments there.    An earlier name for this article was “On Occupying […]

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Should MoveOn have sent this email?

I got the email below from, asking me to call Senators Cantwell and Murray and ask them to support President Obama’s jobs bill. Of course, I support the bill, and our senators should too. But isn’t it a forgone conclusion that these Democratic senators will support it? If so, isn’t the email a waste […]

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Washington State is Coming Up Short

in so many ways… but let’s start with revenue. The Olympian reported (so it might be true) that the Gov is calling the legislature back in special session to deal with a revenue shortfall of at least 1.3 billion dollars. It’s probably a 2 billion dollar deficit, but the accountants are still penciling that out. […]

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News from the Stealth War Front

Wednesday Media was asked if it could cover a meeting of Act For America ( in Chehalis on August 27th.  [Editor’s note: ACT! for America is an organization devoted to speaking “the truth about radical Islam, terror and jihad.”] We tried, but it was a hard slog. Here are some notes from the meeting and […]

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Olympia Copwatching at the Olympia Really Really Free Market today!

Planning meeting today for ramping up copwatch activities in Olympia. Interested folks will be at Bigelow Park around noon enjoying the park and sitting in on the Olympia Really Really Free Market. I think we will have a training opportunity. Will also have some flip video camcorders to get out into the hands of folks […]

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Corporations Don't Bleed

“Corporations Don’t Bleed” is the slogan adopted by Free Speech for People, one of several organizations working to put electoral power into the hands of everyday Americans by reducing the undue influence on political decision-making giant multi-national corporations currently wield. Electioneering by corporations using their dollars to sway politicians has always been a part of […]

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MoveOn steps in to fill the vacuum, targets Dave Reichert

There’s a leadership vacuum on the Left, due to the centrism of President Obama, Governor Gregoire, and the leadership of the Democratic Party. Recently has stepped in to fill that vacuum and has been successful at garnering citizen participation and media coverage. Dozens of new people showed up at recent MoveOn house meetings I […]

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Saturday: Celebrate Medicare's 46th Birthday — Downtown Seattle

At a time, when we are facing the most serious threat to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in our life times, let your voice be heard!   Come Celebrate Medicare’s 46th Birthday — Downtown Seattle – Medicare Birthday Party – March/Parade/Music/Street Theatre No Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security!             When: Saturday, […]

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Now it's clear: July 23 Speakout event to include Jim McDermott

In an earlier post, Questions about Progressive Congress’s Speakout event on July 23 in Seattle, I expressed confusion and perplexity about the purpose of a Speakout (“Congressional Listening Tour”) event in Seattle. But today I got email that explained what’s going on. Rep Jim McDermott (D), a progressive hero, and other unspecified lawmakers will be […]