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Hey, conservatives! YOU are responsible for torture, widespread death, and trillions of wasted dollars

As Americans, we have a fundamental right to vote and to support candidates, parties, and positions of our choosing. But voting and political advocacy aren’t just a right. They’re also a weighty responsibility.   Sometimes we support candidates or positions that result in great harm. For example, during the presidency of George W. Bush, our nation […]

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Obama gave a priceless gift to the GOP: Why aren't Dems furious?

Obama gave a priceless gift to the GOP: immunity from prosecution and accountability for war crimes, torture, and other criminality. Still, many Democrats treat him as a hero. In 2008, it appeared that the GOP was destined for many years of repudiation. They’d proven themselves corrupt, incompetent, and imperialistic. Obama had a chance to reorient […]

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Survival of the friendliest: how cooperation plays a positive role in evolution

The dominant story about biological evolution is a bloody tale of competition and survival of the fittest. There’s no purpose or morality in nature.  There’s no Creator imposing an Intelligent Design.  Rather, random mutations during cell division result in offspring with a diversity of traits. Those offspring with fitter traits tend to survive and breed.  Weaker […]

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Let's save the Democratic Party — by holding corporate Dems accountable

There is a never-ending debate among progressive Democrats about whether to break away from the Democratic Party.  Recently, that debate has heated up — for example, on discussion forums of progressive Dems in Washington State. The victory of Socialist candidate Kshama Sawant over long-time Democratic stalwart Richard Conlin should have been a wake-up call to […]

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The Dems can do better than this

Who defends the middle class and our civil rights? The Dems or the Republicans? Last week Dave Brat beat Eric Cantor partly by accusing Cantor of supporting crony capitalism. Undeniably, Obama supported crony capitalism: he surrounded himself with Wall Street cronies. Yesterday the House voted to rein in Obama’s NSA spying; see House votes to […]

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Bloomberg is intolerant of reasonable protests

In a speech at Harvard University’s commencement, Michael Bloomberg criticized cases in which liberal students prevented speakers, including Condoleezza Rice, from speaking at universities. “In each case, liberals silenced a voice — and denied an honorary degree — to individuals they deemed politically objectionable. This is an outrage.” He compared students protests to the efforts […]

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Oppose Hillary Clinton for president: she's too hawkish and corporatist

Reprinted from Hillary Clinton is too corporatist and hawkish to be the Democratic nominee for president. Oppose her nomination to prevent a continuation of the disappointing political outcomes of the past twenty years. Background In 2008, after eight years of the terrifying presidency of George W. Bush, Americans were eager for real change. Candidate […]