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Bundy, Sterling: GOP dream ticket for 2016

Photo by George Frey The radical right here in America now boasts two fresh heroes: Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling. With their eager penchant for plainspoken hypocrisy and outright bigotry, they ought to be a swell choice for the Tea Party/Republican presidential nomination come 2016. First, good old boy Cliven Bundy rode heroically onto the […]

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Hal Sparks ready to fire up Seattle with “Sexy Liberal” tour

Like Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the rollout of Obamacare may be “full of glitches, but I can’t wait to get it,” says comedian, voice-over artist and progressive political pundit Hal Sparks. Sparks will be appearing with Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang, and “guest panelist” Seattle’s own lampooner laureate Dan Savage, Saturday, December 14, at 8:00pm […]

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Putting an ENDA to workplace discrimination

You would think that any employee who performs well in the workplace would be rewarded with a raise or promotion. Such an exemplary employee would never have to labor under the shadow of termination. You would assume that’s just common sense and sound business practice, right? You might be wrong. Over half the states in […]

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Happy Halloween: right-wing fog machine miring America

Recently, western Washington (the genuine one here in the Pacific Northwest, not that other Washington back east where it seems to be the “trick” side of Halloween every doggone day) muddled through a long period of dense fog. Unusual for this time of year in this neck of the woods, where autumn generally finds us […]

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Fool’s gold: corporate media reports GOP spin as real news

When it comes to hypocrisy, the GOP (Grand Obstruction Party) has set a new gold standard. Rather, a new fool’s gold standard. The Republican Party, led on a very short leash by well-monied pro-oligarchy business moguls and pro-apocalypse crazies, keeps on churning out pyrite from its thunderous right-wing sound machine, while corporate media reports on […]

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Call the waaambulance! GOP stamps feet, holds breath, shuts USA down

What happens when a tiny minority of sore losers—big losers at that—refuses to accept overwhelming defeat, script a new game plan and come back prepared for the next contest? America is finding out, and it ain’t pretty. Suppose, following its defeat in World War II, Japan had said, “Okay, so we lost. Now let’s negotiate. […]


Got radio? Communities step up to the LPFM microphone

A rare window of opportunity will soon open. Local communities nationwide will have the chance to tear open the drapes, roll up the blinds, throw that window wide open and shout out to the surrounding region and potentially worldwide.A Low Power FM radio band could soon be at your fingertips. From October 15 to 19, […]

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Allied with ALEC: Washington State’s “Dirty Half-Dozen”

The infamously stealthy pro-corporate, anti-worker American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has infiltrated deep into our Washington state legislature.Some legislators, supposedly elected to represent their down-home constituents, actually fork over hefty membership fees to ALEC. In return for their “contribution,” your elected representatives get to hobnob with corporate lobbyists and right-wing special interest groups who urge […]


Firearms are wrong answer to question of school safety

As a new school year approaches, many parents are less concerned about their children’s comprehension of reading, writing, and arithmetic than they are about simple survival.Firearms enthusiasts suggest that arming teachers in the classroom or providing armed guards on school grounds would enhance safety. It’s the old National Rifle Association mantra that “the best way […]

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Voters to Grand Obstruction Party: What about healthcare?

Town hall meetings: a unique opportunity to get to know your elected officials, up close and personal. And that opportunity is now, as our congressional representatives return home to hobnob with their constituents. As noted previously, we Washington State constituents might want to ask a few pointed questions of those folks we sent to the […]